Create, Capture, and Make Magic is my life motto. Looking back, all I can remember is my passion for art. My very first encounters began with drawing just about anything in mind, to receiving my first camera from my parents. Creating my own photography first started when I was 18 years old on a trip to explore Europe. My first camera was a Canon Power Shot. Not only did this awesome camera take photos, but it also took video! Being able to take pictures in Germany, Spain and France was my dream as a new photographer. As if it wouldn’t be any photographers dream!

When I arrived I was so overwhelmed and excited to take pictures of all the beautiful landscapes and unique diversity of the cultures. Capturing other lifestyles allowed me to appreciate different cultures. When I arrived back to America, I was so excited to look over my images. I thought all my photos were absolutely amazing, as any beginner photographer would feel about his first pieces of work. However, I wanted to explore and learn more. I couldn’t wait to study other photographers’ work and discover more in the field of photography. My new aspiration was to become the photographer that beamed in my own unique way.

As the years passed, I have learned so many techniques from other photographers, as well as from my own personal practice. As a photographer, I am able to reflect on my experiences and grow positively from them. I am grateful to be a passionate photographer and love everything I do. I hope to be a part of your special and unique wedding day to capture the love between two beautiful individuals, to catch the look a mother gives to her newborn child and to hold onto the affection within a family photo. I feel that I am not your “typical” photographer, I have a unique personality that allows me to step outside of the traditional box of taking the same family photo over and over. Not everyone can say they love what they do, but I can. I love to create something magical for each of my clients to give them the experience of a lifetime.Remember to always Create, Capture and Make Magic!

Create to evolve from one’s imagination, Capture the beauty in ones eye and always Make Magic by seeing what is not in the lens, but to envision what no one else can see. That being said, I would be honored to take part in any of your upcoming life events. I appreciate you taking the time to get to know more insight behind the man of MMartin Productions, Michael Martin Jr. I look forward to hearing from you in the future!

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“I have done my research well and decided to book MMartinProductions especially after a referral from the Think Magazine’s fashion director Anthony Tamburrino. I knew that I was in good hands so I wasn’t too nervous. Even though I didn’t sleep much the previous night and was very tired, Michael Martin did his magic and our engagement photoshoot turned into an amazing and fun experience that my fiancé and I will remember for years. Michael also made us feel welcomed and relaxed by his calm and experienced professionalism. He is absolutely professional! The result was even better than I had expected and I felt like a true princess. He had an assistant with him and they worked well together for hours so that we’d have amazing pictures to keep for years. Michael also made changes as we asked and made sure that we were absolutely satisfied with each picture. We’re booking him for our wedding and I have no doubt that he’s going to capture the love and the magical moments at our wedding, too. I would suggest Michael without any hesitation to anyone for a true professional photo session.” Thank you so much!

-Ada Nurcihan Yener & Giancarmen Tamburrino-