Zianya & Jose Gender Reveal

Meet Zianya and Jose, parents to-be! At the end of the crazy year, we called 2020, I received an email from Zianya expressing her love for the work I do.  She had an awesome and creative idea in mind, her and Jose wanted to showcase their new babies’ gender to

Michelle & Mike | Key West, FL

‘When you think of December you think of Christmas, hot chocolate, milk, cookies, snow and cold weather, but not this December for MMartin Prodcutions! This December it was 70-degree weather, white sandy beaches, palm trees, drinks with fruit on the rim, historic sites, flying through a small city on a

Ilima & Chad | Hilo-Kona, Hawaii

Aloha!! A couple weeks ago we returned from the Big Island of Hawaii and man we did not want to leave. Bright and early, our flight started at 6am EST, what felt like traveling back in time. We landed at 3pm in Hawaii with plenty of sun light left to

Chaz & Jeff | Underwater

Everyone knows I love coffee. Anyone who has ever booked me knows I offer to meet up for coffee. But I never said I love coffee at 3 in the morning. When I got the news that Chaz & Jeff wanted to do a underwater shoot for their engagement session

Maura & Nick | Eagle Manor

On this March day as the rain drops came down, hitting the pine tree branches one by one, cool breeze blowing making it feel like a beautiful spring day, the sound of birds in the distance and calm water hitting the bank of Eagle Manor. Both families for Maura and

Mark & Justin | Philadelphia

Dark roast coffee with that extra shot of espresso, you know what lets make it two. The air was still crisp and cold out as we made our way over to Philadelphia for Mark and Justin’s wedding. Now its late morning and everyone is out on the road, I don’t