Meet Zianya and Jose, parents to-be! At the end of the crazy year, we called 2020, I received an email from Zianya expressing her love for the work I do.  She had an awesome and creative idea in mind, her and Jose wanted to showcase their new babies’ gender to both family and friends and asked if I would help create the memory that will last a lifetime.  These two were absolute naturals in front of the camera and a true pleasure to work with.

It was a brisk day, okay let’s just say it was very cold lmao. A friend of mine let me use his beautiful land, that the breeze that stayed with us all day made the tall grass move like the ocean. Zianya and Jose were dressed to the nine, casual but elegant. You can’t step out in that cold air and lay in a field for killer drone shots without laying on a plush blanket. The chemistry between these two was nothing shy of magical and to put the cherry on top of the perfect gender reveal was having their beautiful daughter take part and kissing her mommy’s belly, can we say cute! Congratulations Zianya and Jose on your baby boy Ezekiel… Coming Soon June 2021