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Rise and Shine…. Shall we Workout?

The Edge Fitness Club of media, PA Grand Opening

The end of last week got even busier leading up to this past weekend, it was jam packed to say the least. And started bright and early.

Austin and myself started Saturday morning at 4am, I know, I know that is so early for a Saturday but let me tell you it was totally worth it. Now mind you it was 20 degrees; a crisp 20 degrees out so hot dark roast coffee was a must. We started to pack up the Jeep and made our journey to Media, PA. Being that early in the morning there was barley anyone on the road, so the drive to Media, Pennsylvania was a breeze. We knew it was going to be great day when that sun peering across the skyline as we crossed over the Walt Whitman Bridge, talk about breath taking.

As we pulled into the parking lot you could see the line of smiling faces bundled up in scarfs and heavy jackets standing out in the cold, but the DiNardo Brother Entertainment were holding down the excitement and enthusiasm with some awesome jams. As we were walking in with our gear, we could smell the brand new paint, see the sun shining on the new equipment and hear the sounds of chopping ice making protein shakes for their new guests. As we geared up the President and CEO had a meeting with the staff on the turf, you could feel the energy and excitement as they introduced new members to the team and had many amazing speeches. To start off the grand opening they gathered around in a circle, did a blessing and ended it with chanted and cheers to opening up the doors. As the staff patiently waiting inside, they started cheering yelling and clapping as everyone walked in to see their top notch facility. Well our adventurous Saturday didn’t stop there…. Shall we stop for more coffee… how about an extra shot of espresso?