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Christmas Cookies Anyone?

Hey y’all, it’s Saturday!!! Did we all survive the week, I don’t know about y’all but I barely made it through.. it was a tough one! 

Tis the season for homemade Christmas cookies. How many of you have already started baking? If not, that’s okay you have another week. I have this recipe from my grandmother which she has used since my mother was a little kid. Talk about an old family recipe. It’s such a simple one as well, but they are the best cookies you’ll ever have in your life. Either right out of the oven or dipped in coffee! This is the second time I’ve made them myself and for some reason while making the dough this afternoon something wasn’t quite right and I cannot put my finger on it. Hum.. they’re still good but definitely not grandma’s. Hey I tried!

What about shopping, is everyone just about done? I have definitely waited till the last minute for that. For me, mom and dad are the hardest to buy for, all else fails buy Tennessee Whiskey!

We are reaching the end of the year in just a couple short weeks, I cannot be more excited. We have been working extra hard to take on 2019 and make it our best year yet!
It’s about that time to get ready for some Christmas parties this evening. I hope y’all have an amazing rest of the weekend. Cheers!