Dark roast coffee with that extra shot of espresso, you know what lets make it two. The air was still crisp and cold out as we made our way over to Philadelphia for Mark and Justin’s wedding. Now its late morning and everyone is out on the road, I don’t blame them the weather might have been chilly but it was beautiful out, not a cloud in the sky. We finally made it to our destination, The Warwick Hotel. The building has such great architecture, you could have picked it out of a magazine. Mark and Justin definitely picked a great spot to get ready at, the Warwick makes for beautiful pictures as well.

As we got to the room it was decorated nicely, bottles of the best Champagne, Bourbon and Whiskey were set out.  Mark and Justin were standing in the nicely lit bathroom getting ready together. They were assisting each other with shave brushes, putting shaving cream on their faces.

They have put together two different costume changes for their big day, first up was a black tux white tie and red accents all the way down to cufflinks and suspenders. Dressed to the nine!   

Their ceremony was being held at the beautiful Saint Mark’s, Saint Mark’s has the most breathtaking architecture you’ll ever see.  They chose to incorporate their ceremony into the hour long mass of the church. There were candles lit that flickered ever so slowly, it was like a scene out of a movie.  

After the mass, we took shots of the family inside the church and outside as we walked back to the Warwick hotel.  The reception was then being held at Stotesbury Mansion. We took some shots of the two in the lobby with all the amazing colors and hanging lights. Mark and Justin went up to the room to do their last costume change for the party that was about to begin but not before snagging more shots of their costume change.  

Family and friends came from all over to be apart of their day. The ballroom was set up for the reception with beautiful décor, flowers and candles. They had a cocktail hour set up first so all the family and friends that came from all over could mingle while they did their costume change and photos. Once they made their entrance that’s when the party really started, delicious food, endless drinks and music that will make you want to dance all night long… and everyone did.