On this March day as the rain drops came down, hitting the pine tree branches one by one, cool breeze blowing making it feel like a beautiful spring day, the sound of birds in the distance and calm water hitting the bank of Eagle Manor. Both families for Maura and Nick were up and ready to start this wonderful day. Eggs cracking into a pan, bacon sizzling, and the sound of coffee brewing, someone shouts BREAKFAST IS READY!! As hair and make-up arrived and were getting set up, the florist dropped off all their beautiful bouquets and the girls were in aww over them. One by one each girl started getting beautified, the guys made their way to the game house. Started their day by have a couple cold ones and playing Mario cart. As some guys to their skills to gaming, others played a game of pool or air hockey. While both parties were enjoying their times with friends and families, everyone else were getting the venue ready for the festivities. As the barn doors creaked open, the string of white lights brighten the barn. Tables were being set up, flowers thrown down the aisle to were Maura and Nick would say their I do’s.

The time has come, family and friends arrive and take their seats. Deep breathes from Nick as the music starts and he sees his beautiful wife come down the aisle, as her dad tries to hold back his tears he lets his little girls hand into Nicks as these two would become one.

Cheers roar the barn as Nick and Maura kiss. Let the party begin, and so it did as the night turned into one big party, bottles of champagne popping, music bumping the dust on the barn floors and all love ones dancing the night away. Congratulations Maura & Nick, what a beautiful day. So happy we were apart of it😊 Best wishes!!