‘When you think of December you think of Christmas, hot chocolate, milk, cookies, snow and cold weather, but not this December for MMartin Prodcutions! This December it was 70-degree weather, white sandy beaches, palm trees, drinks with fruit on the rim, historic sites, flying through a small city on a scooter, and the beautiful nuptials of Michelle and Mike’s wedding day in Key West, Florida, our last destination wedding of 2020 we call the “new normal”. 

Austin and I departed December 9th with the beautiful couple out of Philadelphia, PA at 8am, nonstop to Miami. Snagged a rental car and drove 3 hours Key West, driving over the 7 Mile Bridge talk about a breathtaking view and of course that cool fresh ocean air. Naturally we were hungry, so we stopped for lunch which included a slice of key lime pie.  Arriving at The Ocean Edge Resort, talk about an amazing drive and a breath of fresh air coming from the cold. 

Getting an early start the next day, Austin and I decided to grab some coffee and venture out to scout out the resort and downtown Key West. To capture not only the love between two people, but you’ve also got to find the key spots to make it even more magical. The next day Michelle and Mike joined us in a hike to Sugar Loaf which has an abandoned bridge that drapes over crystal blue water. So, an abandoned bridge, crystal blue water, jump right… oh we did!! And we made sure to capture it all including some jet ski’s that decided to cruse by and show off. After all the fun in the sun we had to get back to the resort and get ready for the Michelle and Mike’s welcoming dinner with family and close friends. To top off the night we decided to head downtown to Tropic Cinema for some killer shots with those bright neon lights and the ambiance of the old theater. 

Cuban coffee, fluffy robes, manatees, and breathtaking ocean views created amazing and speechless images that will last a lifetime.  Our adventurous photoshoot continued downtown with a tour of Fort Zachary, a National Historic Monument, known for housing the largest cache of Civil was armament in the world. It is also the southernmost state park in the continental United States, pretty badass right?

Okay, okay, now on to the BIG day! But come on, would you expect anything less? Let me just get this out there, their wedding was absolutely beautiful. We managed to capture amazing shots around the resort getting every detail down to Michelle’s beautiful wedding dress.

Can’t forget to capture the ladies getting ready, hair and makeup. And the guys toasting to the big day and taking that sip of bourbon, to putting on those cufflinks. 

Key West was a great way to end our adventurous 2020 wedding season! But we cannot forget our farewell brunch with the newlyweds and our scooter rides downtown ripping up the streets honking our little horns making our way through Emma Street passing The Harry S. Truman Little White House. A house where a handful of president elects have found this house as a restful place to restore the body and mind. And that it was, who would of thought Key West had so much history! After our adventure zipping through town on our scooters, we grabbed our bags, hoped on the next plan out back to the Northeast snowy frigid weather December has brought to us!  What an amazing way to end our 2020 season!