Everyone knows I love coffee. Anyone who has ever booked me knows I offer to meet up for coffee. But I never said I love coffee at 3 in the morning. When I got the news that Chaz & Jeff wanted to do a underwater shoot for their engagement session I knew I was gonna do whatever it took to make this happen. Listen up, my team and I woke up at 2am to prepare for a E P I C underwater engagement shoot. We drove over an hour into Pennsylvania to the Newtown Athletic Club. Crazy gym for anyone that wants to check it out, it’s worth the drive. And yesssss ladies, its a gym that you can also get your hair done at as well, no pun-intended. Anyway back to the story, we showed up to the gym at about 4:30am and began setting up. You’d be surprised with the amount of people who go swimming at 4am; Hey I don’t judge, and yet here we are putting our equipment together to do a bad-ass shoot. I gotta say, to do this shoot, you need TOP OF THE LINE equipment to deliver. The set up was smooth and within one hour we began our shoot, no test trials needed! BRUH…My team kicked ass. Or did the water kick my teams ass? LOL nah we got scars to prove it. Shooting underwater is DOPE, this was a new project that my team and I wanted to pursue and recreate our clients dream. While we were shooting underwater, my team and I didn’t want to stop. We filmed until 12pm… 6 hour shoot but man the creativeness kept flowing and the ideas and punctuality got better every time. Now I usually spend 3-4 times a week and the gym, but I met my match with underwater aerobics. AND I WAS FREEZING MY ASS OFF!!! But here at MMartin Productions WE GO ABOVE AND BEYOND for our clients. Making sure my clients were safe and felt comfortable during this shoot was the MOST important thing to me, and knowing that they were more than satisfied helps me sleep at night!!!!!!! Chaz and Jeff had the best experience of a lifetime and were so excited from start to end. My clients happiness is the driving force of this entire project, Look at the magic for yourself!!!!!!