Aloha!! A couple weeks ago we returned from the Big Island of Hawaii and man we did not want to leave. Bright and early, our flight started at 6am EST, what felt like traveling back in time. We landed at 3pm in Hawaii with plenty of sun light left to start our journey. Our stay on the Island was nothing but joyful. Traveling from Kona to Hilo then back to Kona, talk about views. The weather was beautiful, the locals treated us like family, and we cannot forget the spectacular wedding we shot which was nothing less than perfect. Being in Hawaii felt as if we were home, thankful for the many new friends we made and all the new adventures we had including free diving in secret places only the locals knew about. I can go on and on about what things we saw in the water and how much it took my breath away, but I’ll be here for days with many stories LOL.

Let’s just say that we will be back again very soon, with many more memories and more adventures to talk about. If you get a chance to visit you won’t be disappointed, trust me! Ilima and Chad’s wedding day was one to remember, I would love to share it with you. So, take a look through how beautiful their big day really was and tell me what you think!