When you think of Costa Rica, ­you think of National Parks, river rafting, canyoning, caves, and ziplining. Haha no! Well, maybe while you are there looking for something fun to do with your partner in crime or a group of your best friends. But once you are there you begin to think of the rain forest, the sound of the jungle out your bedroom window, you know, the monkey’s, the wild exotic birds, hell even the bugs you would never hear stateside. I am talking that true exotic feel!  

Just a week ago I embarked on international travel to Costa Rica, absolutely worth it. Talk about a beautiful country, super nice people and some killer views. When I say killer views, I am talking about even the view from the plane, being able to see Cuba, Venezuela, El Salvador, and Nicaragua as you fly in, truly no words can describe it.

Having that opportunity to meet the locals, experiencing their culture, living in homes with no doors, no roofs and running into friendly stray dogs, yes, I said friendly. Admiring the ceramic pieces that are handmade each day truly made it a once in a lifetime experience, you’ll never forget. But you can’t get the full experience without the sunburn of course and eating with the amazing food with the locals either.

I had the biggest honor to be down there in Costa Rica to capture a wedding. This wedding was super special to me because, I’ve known Dereck and his whole family since I was little. I’ve watched Dereck grow up and be the man he is today. Ralph, his older brother is my best friend since preschool, even though we don’t see each other often it doesn’t matter cause when we do, we pick up where we left off.

Being able to reconnect in a different country with people you called family your whole life has been truly an amazing feeling. Being able to get to photograph Samantha and Dereck’s destination wedding was more than just another wedding, it was an honor.

Getting to travel all over the world is the greatest gift to life. Picking up my camera and capturing two people in love is a passion to me. I love every minute of this journey and I am so happy I get to call this my life and career.

But the fun didn’t stop there… COVID testing, hour and half car ride, like what you see in the movies, international customs and domestic customs to get on a plane again but this time… destination… Joshua Tree National Park!  Stay tune…