Matt and Pete’s Saturday Adventure

On the day of Michelle and Hipilito “Polo” wedding, my other photographer Matt and videographer Pete. They were able to capture all of their moments. The weather was perfect!

Pulling up to their house, we walked up on Polo and the rest of the guys loading a minivan, Hi-fives and handshakes took place before walking inside to meet Michelle and her makeup artist. We watched Michelle be transformed into the beautiful bride she was meant to be, her eyes glistened. While we were capturing the makeup transformation, we were trying to convince Polo to get dressed and let the other guys take care of what needed to be done prior to the “I Do’s”. After taking photos of everyone getting their makeup done and Polo in his suit we jetted off to the venue where we could get shots of Michelle in her beautiful wedding gown. She was so nervous, I told her to just take a deep breath and smile. Her smile could light up a room. The ceremony started, we watched Michelle and Polo in front of Mr. Nicolosi himself, those moments are one of a kind. Next up was the party, let the night begin. It was a full night of dancing, breathtaking outfits, smiling faces and tons of laughter. Let me just say the food was amazing as well as the music. After finishing up some freezing outdoor bridal party shots everyone got to enjoy a nice warm night in the beautiful room provided by Nicolosi’s and watch Michelle and Polo on their first dance. Michelle had to throw her bouquet twice and Polo was trying to figure out what to do with the garter.  

It was a fantastic night with a wonderful couple, amazing family and friends, as well as capturing the best moments that they’ll cherish forever!